62nd Precinct feels students’ love

With Valentine’s Day on their mind, P.S. 186 students decorated the 62nd Precinct at 1925 Bath Avenue on Thursday, February 2, aiming to fill up the “Open Your Heart Month” initiative with community service.

Paper hearts of all sizes adorned with glitter and covered in loving messages were hung to thank the men and women of the precinct for their efforts in protecting the community.

Other activities involved wrapping chocolate bars in customized wrappers which said, “Thank you to all the men and women in blue at the 62. We Appreciate all that you do. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, P.S. 186/NIA ExpandED School Family.”

The children looked forward to visiting the precinct, but P.S. 186 Parent Coordinator Elaine Delaney said the goal was “to teach young children to give back. I wanted the kids to learn how important our men and women in blue are.”

The group attending was part of the fifth-grade Student Leadership Team, elected by their classmates to represent the class.

With 10 years of experience in student leadership and 14 years spent as parent coordinator, Delaney said she prides herself on the kids being so eager to help.

Both of Delaney’s sons attended P.S. 186, and Delaney said, “I’m lucky enough to get to work with community service and with children.”

The next day, the school raised awareness for the American Heart Association by hosting a sale and wearing red.

On February 10, the school kicked off a fundraiser for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and on February 16, doubled efforts to Kick off Relay for Life for the 100th day of school by asking each grade to donate 100 of one item, one item per student, to charity.

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