St. Anselm’s honors grandparents during Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is in full swing, and St. Anselm Catholic Academy hosted a Grandparents Junior/Senior Tea on Thursday, February 2 as part of the week’s celebrations.

Students in pre-k, universal pre-k, kindergarten and first grade welcomed their grandparents to the academy’s Sister Meletia Hall for tea, coffee, cake, cookies and other treats. They also shared artwork and hand-made cards with their loved ones.

While volunteers and members of the Home Academy Association, headed by President Fran Auletti, set up the event, grandparents gathered in the auditorium to socialize before heading downstairs to meet their grandchildren.

A parade of grandmas and grandpas walked in to cheers from students, teachers and parents alike.

James McKeon, Principal of St. Anselm’s, said that grandparents are “valued links between the past and the present. They are strong gifts and strong models.”

McKeon then led everyone in a special prayer in honor of grandparents. He also emphasized that although they are in a Catholic school, there are students of different faiths in attendance, and that everyone must be mindful and respectful of each other, a message many of us should be reminded at this time in our world.

The tea is an annual event St. Anselm’s holds during Catholic Schools Week, a nationwide celebration of Catholic education. Other highlights of the week include a Dress Down Day where students were encouraged to wear their favorite jersey’s in honor of Sunday’s Super Bowl, a Veteran’s & First Responders Luncheon, and the “Souper Bowl,” a soup and canned food drive benefiting St. Anselm’s food pantry.

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