Fontbonne JV takes Brooklyn-Queens title in a nail biter

Fontbonne 51 McClancy 47

It was the match up that had been brewing all season as the first seeded 10-1 Bonnies took on the second seeded 10-1 McClancy Crusaders on March 3 at the finals in Fresh Meadows Queens at St. Francis Prep for the Brooklyn-Queens GCHSAA JV Division A title game.

Right from the beginning, the game was close as expected as McClancy took a 15-10 lead to end the first quarter. Fontbonne then stepped up its defense in the second quarter and allowed only one field goal from the floor.

As for offense, the Bonnies went on a 12-4 run as Allie Bartholomeo (seven points) closed out the quarter with a long baseline jumper to put Fontbonne ahead 22-19 at the half.

The Bonnies then expanded their lead to 39-30 for the third quarter, going on a 17-11 run as Shannon Greene (12 points) and Ryan Carlton (11 points) hit from the perimeter and Winter Charles (nine points) scored from the paint.

With 55 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Crusaders’ Catherine Finnerty (17 points) made a steal and the subsequent basket to put McClancy within four points of Fontbonne, 45-41. The Bonnies then countered with two consecutive free throws from Isabella Chirico and one from Shannon Greene to maintain their lead at 48-44.

With 20 seconds left, Crusader Samantha Devivo (10 points) hit a long three-point shot that put McClancy within reach of Fontbonne, 48-47. With Fontbonne in possession of the ball with 20 seconds left on the shot clock, McClancy was forced to foul to stop the Bonnies.

As the result of being fouled, the Bonnies managed the pressure at the free throw line as Shannon Greene made another foul shot and Ryan Carlton followed with a pressure-packed pair for the 51-47 final score for the championship.

“They all played great; it was a full team effort,” said JV Head Coach Anthony Bartholomeo who credited winning the championship on a three-prong approach. “First, we practiced hard and we were phenomenal on defense; second, the girls hit the shots they needed to make; and third, my assistant coach Pat Nash did a great job on substitutions to keep the girls fresh on the court and out of foul trouble.”

After breaking McClancy’s four year consecutive run as champions, the outgoing eight year JV coach stated, “What a way to go out.” For Bartholomeo, coaching at Fontbonne has been a family affair as his sophomore daughter Allie moves up to Varsity next season and his son Matthew scored his last game for his father.

Earning four championships over the past eight seasons, Batholomeo stated, “I had a great run. It was a pleasure to coach my daughter and I’ll miss my son doing the book.”

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