The Breezy Point Star: P.S. 204 third grader gives back by helping his fellow students

Jonah Mussolino, an eight-year-old third grader at P.S. 204, gives back to his fellow students by helping them with their school work

What are some of things you do to give back to others?

Usually, if I get done with my work first in class and my teacher checks it and says it’s correct, I go around and help other students with their work.  It makes me feel proud of myself because I finish my work on time and I get to help people.

My favorite subject is math. I like it because it’s just very easy for me. Other subjects are a little harder for me. But I like it the most.

How does it make you feel to give back to your fellow classmates?

My parents help me and teach me how to give back so I do want to do that in the future. Right now, I help my sister when she needs help with anything. She’s little. She’s five.

A lot of the students don’t understand the assignment at first so sometimes it gets a little tricky but I try my best to get through it.

The kids feel great because they get a check mark from the teacher.

What are your other passions?

I also love ballroom dancing. I’ve been doing it one year. I want to be on Broadway one day. My favorite show is “School of Rock.”  (Jonah will star in an adaptation of “Gypsy” at LaGuardia High School later this month as well as in the Gallery Players’ production of “Ragtime.”)

Who are your inspirations and what is your advice for others?

My mom. She’s amazing. My advice is always to follow your dreams.

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