PHOTOS: Brooklyn Conservative Party celebrates at annual brunch

The Brooklyn Conservative Party on Sunday, April 2 honored local resident Sandy Vallas with the Ronald Reagan Americanism Award, at its annual brunch, which many local elected officials and political hopefuls attended, including Republican mayoral candidates Bo Dietl and Michael Faulkner.

According to Chair of the Brooklyn Conservative Party Jerry Kassar, both hopefuls “[had] been interviewed” prior to their addresses as speakers at the event. Formerly a member of Mayor Giuliani’s Task Force on Police Community Relations, Faulkner is going up against Dietl, a detective with 30 years of experience who wants to take on issues of homelessness and build incentives for affordable housing, among other prospective candidates, as he strives to snag the GOP nod.

Though, in the spotlight at the brunch was Vallas, who said being awarded for his civic service was unexpected given that he felt there was steep competition among other contributors to the community.

“It made me feel proud,” said Vallas, who had heard of his nomination a few months prior to the event. “When I was young, other people worked in the community to make it a good place to live and now it’s my turn.”

Currently, Vallas is the treasurer of Community Board 10 and has previously received recognition from the Star Network.

On its own, Kassar said the brunch “was a very energized event.”

The brunch was held at the Bay Ridge Manor, 476 76th Street.

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