Bensonhurst’s Vegas Diner closes for good

A South Brooklyn staple has shut its doors forever.

The Vegas Diner, which stands at the corner of 86th Street and 16th Avenue, closed for good on Monday, June 26, leaving behind a legacy that stretches back to its inception in 1982.

“It’s emotional to us because it’s like we’re saying goodbye to our second family,” one of the owners, Frank Mavromichalis, told this paper. “We’ve made so many friends through the years and we’ve met so many wonderful people. We’ve had so many great experiences here. It’s difficult to walk away from that but unfortunately our time has come to move on.”

According to the “South Brooklyn Food and Drink” Facebook group, the 24-hour diner’s owners reportedly decided to shutter the diner so that they could retire. Patrons, both young and old, quickly took to social media to lament the closing.

The end of another era in Brooklyn! What great memories generations of us have had in this Brooklyn staple! It will be missed!” wrote Facebook user Francis Albert.

Local politicians also weighed in on the diner’s closing.

“Sad to see them close, but I’m grateful for the great food, service, and memories,” wrote Councilmember Mark Treyger in a Facebook post.

The Vegas Diner joins an ever-growing list of South Brooklyn eateries that have closed their doors in recent years, including Rocco’s Calamari, the Del’rio Diner and the Americana Diner.

“The Vegas had a wonderful vibe. The wait staff was so kind to us whenever we ate there on Sundays, especially the congenial young lady who always showed us to our table; she hugged me goodbye on the last day,” said Erica Sherman, a Sheepshead Bay resident who began going to the Vegas Diner after the Del’rio Diner’s closure.

“It’s so sad to see these wonderful community institutions closing up shop,” Sherman went on. “How soon until there will be none left?”


  1. Elaine Coiro

    The Vegas Diner was such a great place, its regular customers are so sorry to see them close after serving our community for all these years! Their staff were a really great bunch of people: Jimmy, Bakry, Abraham, Irma, Donna and the rest were just wonderful throughout the years. You will all be missed very, very much! Wishing you all much success in your future endeavors and many thanks for your great service!

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