Dime Bank unveils new Bedford Avenue Branch in Williamsburg

A community bank’s Brooklyn roots have gotten a little deeper.

Expanding on its mission of providing banking services with an emphasis on serving the community, Dime Community Bank—founded in Williamsburg in 1864—officially opened its newest branch at 214 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg on Thursday, July 13.

The new Bedford branch looks to further Dime Community Bank’s dedication to “ordinary, everyday working people” in a hip nabe, according to Dime Chairperson Vincent Palagiano.

“This facility is something new for us. The whole idea is to have quick service so that our customers can come in and do what they want to do and be on their way,” said Palagiano. “It’s what this neighborhood is looking for.”

The small branch design—coming in at just 433 square feet—means that it does not utilize a traditional teller line, instead giving customers the option to use “pods” and advanced digital ATMs. Customers can choose to receive highly-personalized service from a universal banker, or an advanced ATM, depending on how they would like to be served.

Branch Manager and Assistant Vice President Anthony Wilson touched on the bank’s reception in the community.

“We’ve gotten a lot of attention just off curiosity. Just from me going out into the street and talking to people and getting to know everyone on the block, we’ve been very well received,” said Wilson. “We are deeply rooted in the community, but in addition to that, we have geared our senses toward small business. With us being a community bank, our ties are deeply rooted here in the community, which means we do a lot of work in the community and help the small businesses that make the community vibrant.”

The branch is designed with Williamsburg in mind, featuring trendy and thrifty details, such as reclaimed wood and exposed brick decor. During the day, the branch employs an open concept, allowing customers to conduct transactions with bankers utilizing wireless Microsoft Surface Pros.

“We’re here to not only service families and individuals, but also all the wonderful establishments here in the neighborhood,” said Chief Operating Officer Rob Volino. “We’re here to service them, whatever their financial needs are. For us, our customers’ needs are what drive our services. We don’t see ourselves as a bank; we see ourselves as one of the merchants on the block, so we’re really not a bank in the community, we are part of the community.”

Prior to the ribbon cutting, Dime recognized two non-profit organizations that service the community and made a donation to each.

One of organizations honored was the Museum of Food and Drink, which looks to analyze the role that food and beverage play in history, culture and politics. The second organization honored was the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, which bridges the gap between local, national and international artists from all disciplines in order to create a more integrated world.

The Dime Bedford Branch is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information about the branch or other Dime Community Bank branches, visit dime.com.

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