Generally Speaking: St. Patrick’s hosts international Celebrant Singers

Reverend Richard Bretone, one of the parochial vicars of Bay Ridge’s St. Patrick’s Church, extended an invitation for Jon Stokowski’s Celebrant Singers and band to perform in the sanctuary of the Fourth Avenue church, this past Sunday, July 9.

For over four decades, singers and musicians affiliated with this Visalia, California-based ministry group have performed in all 50 states and 100 countries, spreading a message of hope and encouragement. They have performed for Pope John II at the Vatican and Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India.

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We share the horror and grief of the loss of still another NYPD officer, killed at point blank range in the Bronx while she was seated in a police command bus by a deranged, hate-spewing maniac. Our prayers go out to Police Officer Miosotis Familia’s three children and relatives on her tragic death.

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Our best wishes for a happy and well-deserved retirement to Sister Regina Corde, a dedicated educator and director of pastoral ministries for St Anselm’s Parish at 356 82nd Street.  Sister Corde was also the co-chair of the Bay Ridge Inter-agency on Aging and the guiding light behind St. Anselm’s popular Young at Heart senior club. Prior to her service at Anselm’s, she was the assistant principal at St. Patrick’s School. 

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In addition to his major responsibilities as the director of development for the Brooklyn Catholic Diocese, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello was recently assigned as pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Williamsburg.

This is the same parish that holds an annual feast which includes lifting and parading the historic five-story-tall Giglio, with the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on top, which includes a brass band and a prominent spot for the good padre to ride on. It takes about 125 men to lift and carry the Giglio tower.

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