St. Ephrem’s girls softball team completes undefeated season

They’re in a league of their own.

The St. Ephrem’s girls’ softball team not only took home the league championship, but also completed a remarkable season in which it was undefeated.

The championship game held on Tuesday, June 20, against St. Anselm at the field at Shore Road and 79th Street was the only thing that stood in the team’s way of perfection.

It was a close game, but when the final out was made, St. Ephrem had defeated St. Anselm in a high-scoring 14-12 game, solidifying the team’s memorable season.

Peter DiBona, one of the coaches, was proud of the team that consisted of girls 9 to 12 years old. “It was an exciting game. The final score was 14-12 and we kept our undefeated season intact,” he said, praising the St. Anselm’s team. “They were a very worthy opponent.”

Manager Jimmy Young was both proud that his team accomplished the impressive feat. “They were a wonderful group of girls,” he said. “I’ve coached most of them for five years and in the past three seasons, we went from 1-12 to 7-6 to now 15-0. To see the way they came together with a whole team effort, great defense, probably the best one-two punch with pitching in the league. We had two girls that consistently throw. I couldn’t be more proud of them. They were a pleasure throughout the entire time. I hope they appreciate what a special thing this was.”

Throughout the 15-game season, hard work went into making the team so successful, said DiBona. “The girls worked really hard,” he said. “They took the skills they learned in practice situations and used them during game day situations. They took direction well and were very coachable and Jimmy Young was amazing. They started practicing in January. It was a six-month effort.”

He was also proud that each player took on a role that benefited the team. “The chemistry of the girls was great because they understood the team very well,” DiBona added. “They all played a part in the program and every girl was committed.”

The players’ parents added a lot of support. “We had a tremendous turnout every game by parents which was important,” DiBona said. “No one complained about playing time. They all understood someone’s skill set might be higher than another’s. And no one complained.”

“Parents were the best,” added Young. “You couldn’t ask for better parents as a coach. We were really lucky. It was a pleasure.”

The undefeated season was satisfying for everyone involved, especially the players. “It meant that all their hard work that after paid off hard work and determination,” he said. “It all paid off in the end when they won the championship.”

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