Shore Parkway path suffering from increasing trash problem, locals say

Bath Beach residents are noticing an ever-growing problem that has consistently detracted from Shore Parkway’s scenic views of Gravesend Bay — litter, illegal dumping and overflowing trash receptacles.

“I entered through the Bay Parkway entrance toward the ball field on Shore Parkway and noticed food, paper trash, cups and bags of garbage strewn about,” said Bath Beach resident Mary Glicksman, who often walks along Shore Parkway and noticed a large amount of trash on September 12. “I was absolutely outraged at the conditions I encountered along the shore. An absolute disgrace! Bench areas were cluttered with debris and walking paths where garbage was strewn. I didn’t go beyond that because there’s no way I was going to sit there or even walk there.”

Residents have also noted that rats and raccoons are attracted to the refuse, often crawling along the Shore Parkway path.

“Part of the problem is the [NYC] Department of Parks and Recreation handles the garbage disposal and they’re on a schedule. We’ve requested timely pickups and Parks is working on that service,” explained Community Board 11 District Manager Marnee Elias-Pavia.

However, Pavia stated, it is also the community’s responsibility to keep the area clear of trash by not littering.

“I haven’t received complaints but I’ve seen it firsthand,” she said. “The issue of litter is disheartening because there are litter baskets all over. People are leaving cups, food and bags of trash along the curbside. There needs to be some compliance from the people that use the area; use the litter receptacle and keep the area clean because what’s going to happen is that litter is going into the bay.”

According to the the Parks Department, keeping Shore Parkway clean is of utmost importance. Parks noted that on summer days, around 120 tons of garbage is picked up from beaches, ball fields, picnic areas and other properties.

“NYC Parks shares the community’s concern about litter in our parks, and as such, our crews work very hard to keep Shore Park and Parkway as clean as possible,” a Parks Department spokesperson said. “Like all of our parks, Shore Parkway is cleaned regularly.”

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