We the People: Winter is here

An avalanche is a rapid flow of snow that accelerates rapidly and grows in mass as more snow joins into the movement. It overwhelms objects in its path with great force. An avalanche reaches speeds of 80 mph within about five seconds and can flatten forests although made up of only air and snowflakes.

“Snowflake” is a derogatory term chosen by Trump supporters for any person who does not agree 100 percent with their reactionary opinions. These supporters have some distinctly un-democratic ideas and form the base of support for the administration.

It is time for the snowflakes to stand together and organize for a change in the direction of our nation. Only if the snowflakes of our nation, the workers, laborers, union members, students and common folk, band together will we summon sufficient force for change for the people.

The working class and middle class do the majority of living and dying in our great society but we have been divided and deceived, and we must work together to protect the dream of opportunity that defines America.   

Trump supporters are touting gains in the stock market and improved employment figures as proof that the GOP tax deal was just the panacea the economy needed.

While the Dow Jones index may have crested 25,000 for the first time in history, tens of millions of Americans, employed and unemployed, live below or just above the poverty line. It has been calculated that in 2017, four out of every five dollars generated around the world went into the pockets of the wealthiest one percent.  

President Trump has explicitly rejected globalism and was elected because he promised to put America first. He needs to put Americans in America first which includes maintaining affordable healthcare and providing a path to prosperity for citizens and a path to citizenship for those undocumented members of our society that merit it.

His xenophobic and belligerent comments have made America less relevant in the world. However, his isolationist and divisive rhetoric did not stop him from attending the world economic summit in Davos, Switzerland even though Stephen Bannon, his former guru, once called any opponent of Trump the “party of Davos.”

The president is very comfortable with mixed messages and confused statements but what can it accomplish for America?

Trump has been unwavering in support of keeping tax dollars in the wealthy even though it will balloon our national deficit. It means billionaires will save millions while the middle class will get back a few hundred dollars.

His tariffs on imported goods will cripple a burgeoning solar power industry that will cost the nation 23,000 jobs in 2018. Kimberly-Clark announced plans to shut down factories in the U.S. and Pfizer will take its offshore billions back to the U.S. to increase investors’ dividends.   

The Republican Party controls it all. It pushes its agenda through Congress without a problem, controls a majority of state houses and the judiciary.

When Senate Democrats led by Senator Chuck Schumer stood up for immigrants and dreamers by allowing the first government shutdown since 2013, they quickly capitulated.

The Democratic Party pushed to include protection for undocumented immigrants into a budget bill. This is a  tactic that Republicans perfected to gain concessions when they were in the minority. However, after 72 hours, the Democrats gave in, in exchange for vague assurances of  bipartisan talks on immigration in the future.

Republicans don’t lead, they dictate and in President Trump they have found the Teflon-coated glib mouthpiece to push the worldview of their financial puppet masters on all Americans, whether they like it or not.

If you don’t like it get involved, snowflake.

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