Seniors Shine at Annual Senior Idol Auditions

As soon as the high school students of Xaverian went home, the real entertainment began.

On Thursday, Sept. 13 over 20 contestants auditioned to become a finalist for this year’s Senior Idol competition, slated for Saturday, Oct. 13. Tryouts lasted about two hours, with each participant showing off confidence in their musical abilities.

The event was originally created by state Sen. Marty Golden and the AARP and is now in its 11th year.

Five years ago, Golden appointed Joseph Loposky as the music director. In Loposky’s words, Golden told him he was “not allowed to stop” so the event has been successful ever since.

Loposky says Senior Idol is not only beneficial to the Bay Ridge community but it gives the older residents a chance to let loose. He also made it clear that the event is all about having fun.

“They’re on stage again, and I say to them, it’s their 15 minutes, get out there and have fun, and every one of them still has butterflies even if they performed for the past 70 years.” he said. “They say I’m always lightening up the feeling for them. You’re supposed to have fun, you’re singing, you’re playing music, it’s not work. Just go have fun.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

Twenty-two participants gathered in the Xaverian auditorium and waited for their turn, some were even there earlier than they were supposed to. The music was diverse, audition songs ranging from modern day music to artists like Frank Sinatra.

This year’s finalists include Gianvito Bottalico, Tony Yodice, Ernest Carrai, Elizabeth Silva, Cary Weiner, Nicholas DeCillis, Gagz Danzo, Randy Litz, John Bonomolo, John Friaelli, Elizabeth Hanson and Beverly Bennick.

The 11th Annual Senior Idol will take place Saturday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. at Xaverian High School, 7100 Shore Road.

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