Fort Hamilton contains Boys High for the win

Fort Hamilton (2-1) earned its second win of the 2018 season over a 0-3 Boys High, but the win came with a price as two senior captains were knocked out the game with injuries.  First, linebacker Sean Hart went down to a knee injury in the second quarter, while Fort Hamilton’s featured running back Javon St. John went to the bench in the third quarter with bruised shoulder.

These two players joined three other key Tigers on the sideline awaiting medical clearance to return that included running back Nicholas Wynter (wrist), corner back Jadin Goodman (knee) and offensive lineman Dylan Salas (arm).

With the Kangaroos seeking their first win of the season at their home field in East New York, Boys High hosted Fort Hamilton in a scoreless first quarter.  The Tigers initially got on the board on the first play of the second quarter as quarterback Marquis Willoughby found Zyeonrey Jones on a 30-yard pass to put Fort Hamilton up 8-0.  The Kangaroos responded with a score of their own on a 5-yard Bryce Harding quarterback run to tie the game 8-8 to end the first half.

In the third quarter Willoughby found himself scrambling out the pocket until he spotted CeVon Marshall at the sideline to score on a 25-yard pass play to put the Tigers up 16-8 to end the third quarter.  Again Boys High answered back early in the fourth quarter when Tyreese Smith scored on a 55-yard pass play to tie the game 16-16.

Midway in the fourth quarter Willoughby once again found himself chased out of the pocket, but this time he took his time to unleash a long pass that hit a wide open Marshall who made an over-the-shoulder catch on the dead run for a 65-yard pass play to put the Tigers ahead 24-16 for the eventual winning score.

With four minutes left to play Boys High mounted a drive that the Tigers stopped on the 3-yard line on an interception by Jones.  Starting deep in the own territory and looking to run out the clock with just a one-touchdown lead, the Tiger strategy went awry when Torry Cortes fumbled the ball for a Kangaroo recovery at the 35-yard line.  With a minute left the Kangaroos made several attempts to throw into the end zone until Olum Akineye intercepted for Fort Hamilton that allowed the Tiger offense to run out the clock for the win.

Next week on Saturday September 29 the Tigers look forward to hosting Brooklyn Tech at New Utrecht’s field for just their second home game of the season.


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