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Pre-K students march for peace in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Learning peace and solidarity at an early age.

For the fourth consecutive year, four-year-old students attending Pre-K Z075, 21 Bay 11th Street, were a part of March for Peace, a celebratory march and recital honoring the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The event was held this year on Fri., Jan. 18.

“Each day, and especially on days such as the March of Peace, we are so incredibly proud of all the little learners in our program,” said Director of Early Childhood Education Dianne Gounardes, who ran the event. “Events that teach our students about kindness and equality allow us an even stronger foundation. We anticipate many more fulfilling and meaningful school days in the future for our entire Pre-K community.”

Parent Coordinator for District 20 Pre-K Centers Camille Loccisano discussed the day and its significance for the children.

“What they do is a small version among children of the march of peace that Martin Luther King did,” she said. “It’s really nice. They’re only four years old and it’s really time to teach them about acceptance, tolerance, kindness, being good to one another and sharing the world, and it’s talking to them on their level.

“Children march and they hold up their peace signs and they walk to really beautiful music,” Loccisano continued. “Some of our other sites did it this year, too. Children are taught a good foundation at the beginning, then hopefully that will expand and make for a better generation to come.”

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