Celebrate the big game at Industry City’s Pickle Shack

Sunset Park’s waterfront is getting ready for the big game!

Industry City’s (IC) Pickle Shack, 67 35th Street, will be hosting a party for the big game on Sun., Feb. 2 where football fanatics and partygoers can get their game faces on.

The IC eatery will offer vegan treats. Known for its vegan Cheezesteaks and fried pickles, the eatery has created a special menu for the big game, featuring vegan boneless chicken wings, queso dip, and super creamy mac-n-cheese.

“As a vegan café and pickle shop, we’re excited to offer the community a fresh, unique twist on traditional Super Bowl eats,” said Shamus Jones, founder of Pickle Shack in Industry City. “Game day calls for the ultimate party fare, and Pickle Shack in Industry City is serving up an exclusive menu that will take Super Bowl parties to the next level.”

Pickle Shack, formerly Brine & Dine, is a seasonal vegan cafe and pickle shop located in the heart of pickle factory Brooklyn Brine.

The wings come in Spicy Buffalo, Teriyaki Ginger or BBQ with ranch or chunky bleu cheese dipping sauce (6 for $8, 12 for $15, or 24 for $25). Try breadcrumb coated potato and cheese fritters – known as Cheezy Potato Croquettes – with a choice of ranch or spicy southwestern ranch dipping sauce (3 for $5, 6 for $9, or 12 for $16). Folks can also enjoy a crisp kombucha or ginger beer to accompany the meal.

For more information, visit www.brineanddine.com.

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