Community Board 7 now livestreaming meetings

Broadening access to its meetings, Community Board 7 announced on May 14 that it had installed new sound and video systems ain its office, 4201 Fourth Avenue, that will allow the board to livestream its various events, including committee and monthly board meetings as well as town halls on topics affecting the surrounding neighborhood.

The upgraded technology will also improve the experience for in-person attendees, according to the board, which had previously livestreamed meetings on occasion.

The new integrated audio and visual system includes an HD camera for video recording and the livestream broadcast of meetings; new speakers; microphones; an audio induction loop system that broadcasts to t-coil hearing aids, cochlear implants and headphones connected to portable listening devices; a portable sound system and more.

Funding was provided by the City Council.

“These enhancements are part of a larger effort to make our community board as inclusive as possible and to engage a broader range of individuals in local decision-making,” said CB 7 Chairperson Cesar Zuniga. “We wish to thank Councilmembers [Brad] Lander and [Carlos] Menchaca and the whole City Council for providing the funds that allow us to reach residents who never had the opportunity to participate before.”

“Our hope is that this new sound system will make it easier for everyone to hear and communicate at meetings, and we feel it’s especially important for providing a more inclusive setting for individuals who have difficulty hearing,” added Chairperson of the Ability and Access Committee Cindy VandenBosch. “We also anticipate that video recordings of our community board meetings will increase access to information about location decision-making and enable residents to get more involved even if they can’t attend meetings in person due to illness, caregiving, work, school, or whatever reason.”

CB 7 streamed a meeting using the new tech on May 13 and used its new audio and video system during May 15 general board meeting on May 15.

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