Industry City’s M Factory will nearly double its size

In a new take on double vision, Industry City has announced that eyewear manufacturer M Factory will be enlarging its facility within the six-million-square-foot waterfront campus, growing to nearly double its current size.

The company, which opened in IC in 2016 at 147 41st Street, will expand from 12,500 to over 20,000 square feet.

Since opening, M Factory has tripled its square footage and added more than 50 employees, said Tara Montoneri, M Factory managing director, who noted that currently M Factory is looking to fill five to 10 new positions.

“M Factory has found the partnership with Industry City to be of immense value as we grow at such a rapid pace,” said Montoneri. “We find talented local employees from the Innovation Lab and the consistent growth of the tenant community has allowed us to maintain the feeling of being in a family of makers that are striving to keep Brooklyn Made products thriving.”

According to statistics provided by IC, the majority of M Factory’s full-time employees live in Brooklyn and approximately one quarter are from Sunset Park, specifically.

“M Factory’s expansion is part of a growing trend at Industry City,” said IC CEO Andrew Kimball. “Companies start with a small space and expand within the complex as they grow their business. We’re one of the only places in New York City able to provide tenants with this kind of flexibility. For startups and small businesses, that flexibility is a huge amenity.”

According to IC, the majority of M Factory’s workforce came through IC’s Innovation Lab, a resource center that was designed to offer community job training and entrepreneurship development in the technology field.

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