Community leader hands out 600 bottles of water during heat wave

United Healthcare and AMP Insurance brokerage owner Louis Peters is determined to help people keep their cool during the dog days of summer. A few weeks back on July 1, Peters helped celebrate “Ice Cream Day” by giving away hundreds of ice cream cones to anyone who stopped by his office at 7709 Fifth Avenue.

On Friday and Saturday, Peters continued his quest to aid his neighbors by handing out over 600 bottles of ice cold water as the temperature neared 100 degrees. Peters’ good deed helped refresh many parched passersby looking for something to quench their thirst. Peters’ goal was to help people cope with the staggering heat.

Peters is involved with the Bay Ridge chapter of AARP, serves as chair of the Bay Ridge Center advisory board, and speaks at various community meetings about United Healthcare Medicare solutions and the plans available to enrollees.

When Peters learned that the forecast called for temperatures in the upper 90s he decided to take action. And it wasn’t enough that he handed out more than 300 bottles on Friday, but he returned on Saturday during the height of the heat wave and distributed another 300 bottles.

For Peters, it was all about giving back. “When we were growing up we were poor,” he told this paper. “And Bay Ridge gave us everything from gingerbread houses to school uniforms and even food on the table at times. They gave so much to us as a family and this is just my little way of paying back.”

When asked why he would take the time to hand out the bottles of water, Peters replied, “Because this is Bay Ridge. That’s what we do. We always try to help each other.”

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