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bay ridge center

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Center gets new passenger van to aid seniors

Bay Ridge — “Ask the Lawyer” host Mike Connors honored at American Heritage Dinner

Bay Ridge — Community leader hands out 600 bottles of water during heat wave

Bay Ridge — How Bay Ridge coped with scorching heat

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Center Advisory Board elects new Chair Louis Peters

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Community Council salutes two civic leaders at annual dinner dance

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Center raises $21,000 at 24th annual ‘March for Meals’ walkathon

Bay Ridge — Golden-Gounardes Clash in Heated Debate

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Center relies heavily on fundraising to help seniors

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Center raises $20,000 during 23rd annual March for Meals

Bay Ridge — Local leaders honored as “Hidden Treasures of the Community”

Dyker Heights — Dyker’s St. Philip’s Church collects over 300 pounds of food for Bay Ridge Center