Bay Ridge actor and comedian Anthony DeVito has a cure for the going-back-to-work blues

BAY RIDGE — Labor Day weekend is over and that means going back to work and school. But local actor and comedian Anthony DeVito seems to have found a way to make the end of summer blues a little less painful with his hilarious new video, “Workington Career Centers,”  which parodies cheesy educational learning center ads from the ’90s.

Those omnipresent school tutoring commercials where flunking kids argue with their exasperated moms left a lasting impression on DeVito, so he decided to update those ads from today’s perspective.

The short video features actress Katina Corrao of the television series “Broad City” as the angry, long-suffering wife who has had it with her childish husband, portrayed by DeVito, who clearly does not exceed expectations.

Luckily, help is available from Workington Career Centers, which promises to “turn pathetic deadwood into valued employees . . . no matter how useless they are.”

The entire video was shot in Bay Ridge. Actor/comedian DeVito was born and raised in Bergen Beach, has lived in Bay Ridge for over 20 years and has appeared in “House of Cards,” “Funny or Die” and “Above Average.” 

Bay Ridge actor Anthony Marino of brooklynONE Productions is also featured in the video as the ultra-cheerful Workington representative. 

“Those old commercials always make me laugh,” said DeVito. “The harsh, aggressive tone with everyone snapping at each other and lots of angry close-ups. I thought it’d be funny to create a company that helps adults who suck at work, which often treats us like we’re children. It was really fun to shoot, although we had to stop a lot because we kept cracking up.”

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