Adams hosts moment of solidarity for Beirut

Borough President Eric Adams joined members of Brooklyn’s Lebanese community on the steps of Borough Hall Monday in a moment of solidarity and to announce relief efforts after last week’s explosions in Beirut.

The blasts killed at least 154 people, injured more than 5,000 and left 250,000 homeless.

“The impact was felt all the way here in New York and specifically in Brooklyn,” said Adams.

Adams emphasized the bonds between Beirut and Brooklyn, which has a large Lebanese population, and asked for donations to the recovery effort.

“That blast that destroyed the physical property in Beirut will never destroy the spirit of the Lebanese people,” he said. “They are strong, dedicated, committed and they will rebuild the country. It is our obligation and responsibility to say we will be there for you the way others have been here for us.”

“We usually meet here annually for Lebanese Heritage Day,” said John Abi-Habib, New Jersey’s honorary consul of Lebanon and the owner of MSI Net Inc. in Bay Ridge. “It’s a very festive celebration where our borough president hosts us for a beautiful evening. Unfortunately, today we are meeting on a very sad note.

“Thank you for thinking for us in a time of need. When we are down, the people that think of you are your friends.”

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