Hundreds march to support the NYPD

Hundreds of people attended a rally in Marine Park on Saturday to support the work of the NYPD.

The group marched from the staging point at Avenue U and Burnett Street to Gerritsen Beach, holding signs that said, “Blue Family Strong,” “Back the Blue,” “We Honor our Police” and “Protect our Heroes.”

Speakers included the mother of murdered NYPD Det. Russel Timoshenko and former Chief of Transit Joseph Fox. Former State Senator Mary Golden emceed the event.

“We were the greatest, safest city in the world just a few short months ago,” said Golden. “Today, what are we? We are one of the top cities for shootings in the country. We’ve got a 300 percent increase in shootings. We can’t have that.”

“I’ve been to three rallies in Brooklyn and it is a clear expression that a significant number of individuals in Brooklyn are willing to come out and express their support for the police without being intimidated,” said Gerard Kassar, chairman of the New York State Conservative Party. “What I think was the trigger of all this was the defunding of the police by the City Council, so I think this was a message back to elected officials in Brooklyn that many Brooklynites don’t want to take this anymore.”

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