Dyker Frights returns on a smaller scale

COVID will not stop Dyker Frights.

The annual Halloween celebration on 79th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues will continue for the 16th straight year, though on a smaller scale.

Anthony George, who started the tradition, let fans of the holiday know that the show will go on.

“On Halloween, we put on a show, so we didn’t want to do that because the block and the display attracts so many people, it’s ridiculous,” he said. “Usually we close the block but this year we didn’t want to do that. This year, I just did my house. I didn’t do the neighbors’ houses. It’s scaled back.”

George usually decorates two other neighbors’ homes and wasn’t going to do anything at first. However, he had been getting so many messages on social media from people who were saddened that there wouldn’t be a display.

“Finally, I said I’ll do something, but much smaller,” he said. “It still looks great. It’s not the whole shebang. I have pictures from last year and the block was packed. It looks like a marathon. It goes on for hours and I said that can’t happen this year.”

He started decorating the home on Friday, Oct. 23. The house features the same creepy granny on a rocking chair, zombies, little figures and more.

Granny on a rocking chair is a fan favorite at Dyker Frights.

“Everything is all antiques I’ve collected over the years so I make it look realistic, and I have all the lights up,” George said. “I have programs where the lights flicker and there’s smoke, music and sound effects. It still looks great.”

People have told George that they’re happy he is continuing the decorations.

“So happy to even have a smaller version,” said one fan. “One of our favorite traditions.”

“So happy to hear that you are decorating your place,” added another. “Me and my husband consider the ‘haunted manor’ a Halloween tradition.”

George said he might put signs on the floor telling visitors to keep six feet apart and isn’t even sure if people are going to come, but he’s optimistic.

“This week will be great leading up to Halloween,” he said. “Together we will get through this and Dyker Frights will come back in all its horror in 2021.”

For more information, visit facebook.com/dykerfrights.

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