On the Avenue: Will Ferrell spotted at Bridgeview Diner

The MEATLOAF! He wants it…NOW!

If you’ve seen “Wedding Crashers,” you’ll remember actor Will Ferrell’s character Chazz hilariously screaming toward his offscreen mother to prepare his favorite dish for himself and his potential protégé John Beckwith (Owen Wilson).

That scene likely came to mind for many diners enjoying breakfast inside Bridgeview Diner on Thursday, March 2 when the comedy legend walked right in and sat down among them! Customer Danielle Fasano was enjoying a birthday breakfast with her daughter, Kristen Valdes, when they saw a film crew outside the window of their booth at the popular Bay Ridge eatery at 9011 Third Ave. The crew was recording Ferrell walking through the parking lot and into the diner.

Will Ferrell is pictured recording a scene outside Bridgeview Diner shortly before entering the eatery. Photo courtesy of Danielle Fasano

Inside, just as Ferrell drew near, Fasano snapped a photo of her daughter in all her glory, which then made the rounds on social media and got the digital community buzzing about what the superstar was doing “on the avenue.”

While details were scarce at press time, astute Facebook observers noted that Ferrell was sporting the same holiday hoodie he wore in the smash hit “Daddy’s Home 2.” Could that be a hint as to the nature of the project that drew him to Bay Ridge? Time will tell!

* * *

What would you do with $100,000?

That’s the amount of funding that was recently awarded to the Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) thanks to a special Small BID Support Grant Program offered through the city’s Department of Small Business Services.

BID Executive Director Amanda Zenteno said residents and businesses can expect to see a number of exciting initiatives taking place “on the avenue” as a result of securing this funding.

“The BID will be implementing some exciting community-based programs as part of the grant,” she said. “The BID is partnering with the Bay Ridge Community Development Center (BRCDC) to provide translation services, language access programming and community volunteer projects. Additionally, the BID is working with BRCDC on our second annual Community Iftar on April 6.”

Last year’s Iftar — the meal eaten after sunset during Ramadan — was held at Leif Ericson Park and drew more than 1,000 Muslims and their neighbors for an evening of prayer, dinner and conversation.

Traditional Muslim prayer was held at Leif Ericson Park during last year’s Bay Ridge Community Iftar. Photo courtesy of Councilmember Justin Brannan

This year, Ramadan begins the evening of Wednesday, March 22 and ends the evening of Friday, April 21.

During that period — and thanks again to the grant — visitors to Fifth Avenue will be able to enjoy bigger and better Ramadan lighting, according to Zenteno.  

“Working with Illuminations by Arnold, the BID has designed distinctive lighting that will be in place during the month of Ramadan,” she said. “We encourage all to visit, take pictures, and shop and dine on Fifth Avenue!”

Another item on the BID’s agenda is to celebrate art and culture “on the avenue” on a regular basis. The Small BID Support Grant has made it possible to bring something new and exciting to businesses and consumers alike, Zenteno said.

“The BID is pleaded to work with the Stand 4 Gallery on an incredible art exhibit titled ‘Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens.’ The event will take place throughout Bay Ridge and will feature artwork on Fifth Avenue,” she said.

Look for more information on these and other events as they draw closer. Visit www.bayridgebid.com for the latest information on all things Fifth Avenue!

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