School honors cops who helped kids escape U-Haul rampage

Bay Ridge Prep held a ceremony March 7 to thank cops who helped students and staff to safety during the Feb. 13 U-Haul rampage.

Lt. John Vitale and Officers Francis Ingebrethsen and Hector Santini received commendations from state Sen. Andrew Gounardes, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Councilmember Justin Brannan. 

During the rampage, the quick-thinking cops realized students would be outside for recess. They drove to the school and got them off the streets.

Head of School Charles Fasano thanked the officers “for their selfless dedication to keeping our community safe. Their efforts are not just limited to the day of the incident, but extend to every day that they serve our community.”

The N.Y. Rangers honored Ingebrethsen and Santini during their Feb. 26 game at Madison Square Garden. 

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