Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 10, 1903 – Visitation Academy closes school year

Yesterday was a memorable day in the history of the Convent of the Visitation, an institution that for nearly half a century has exerted marked influence in the education and training of the young womanhood of Brooklyn.

In the afternoon, in the picturesque old structure, corner of Clinton and Willoughby avenues, were combined the celebration of the silver jubilee of Bishop [Charles Edward] McDonnell’s ordination to the priesthood and the commencement exercises for the scholastic terms of 1902-3.

Visitation Academy on Clinton and Willoughby avenues circa 1900. The school was on Johnson and Pearl streets from 1855 to 1879. Image from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sept. 9, 1900

This is the last commencement that will be held in this convent school, which has passed into new hands during the past few months, for by the first of the next month the sisters will have taken possession of their spacious new quarters on Second avenue, between Eighty-ninth and Ninety-first streets, and the school and cloister will be replaced by handsome residences.

The exercises, brief, simple and exceedingly well carried out, were held in the assembly room of the school. Festoons of smilax, foliage plants and clusters of bright hued flowers sent as souvenirs by the friends of the pupils imparted a delightful summery air to the apartment and formed a charming background for the white-robed young girls and little tots who were seated in semi-circular rows on either side of the platform.

Before leaving for their homes all the pupils paid a farewell visit to the convent grounds, with which much of the pleasure of their school life has been associated.

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