Hardhat dies in building collapse

A construction worker was killed Friday when part of the building he was working in collapsed.

The 33-year-old man and two other workers were inside 1266 50th St. at around noon when the first floor fell in a “V” shape into the basement, FDNY said.

The other two workers were unharmed.

Firefighters enter the collapsed building in Borough Park. Photos courtesy of FDNY

The cause of the collapse is being investigated.

During a conference, Dept. of Buildings Commissioner James Oddo said a stop-work order had been issued for the building after previous complaints. 

The K-9 unit was at the scene. Photos courtesy of FDNY

“The only work that should’ve been done at this site is to make it safe,” he said. “As you can see, that stop-work order was violated and no plans were submitted to the Department of Buildings. They should not have been doing this work.”

Oddo also said DOB will evaluate the structural integrity of the adjacent buildings.

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