MTA reveals cause of F train derailment

The MTA said Tuesday that a misaligned track and loose or missing bolts on one of the cars caused the Jan. 10 F train derailment near the West Eighth Street-NY Aquarium station.

“Independent of one another, we strongly believe that neither would’ve caused a derailment but because both conditions existed, that’s what caused this as evidenced in part that four cars on that F train went over that rail anomaly without issue,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey.

No one was injured when the train derailed, but it took eight hours to resume service on the line.

MTA said that since the derailment, 99 out of 103 misaligned tracks throughout the subway system have been repaired. The other four will be fixed this month. In addition, 1,874 train cars have been inspected and only three loose screws were found.

“I am incredibly confident that we have a deep handle on what occurred here,” Davey said. “No fleet-wide or track-wide issues were identified.”

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