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Editorial: On the move

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May 09, 2018 / 4:13 PM
Haven't seen any Neighborhood policing where I am in Bensonhurst.

It has just been misinformation that has been published by the MTA and advocates of this proposal. First of all, most people around the district in question drive. This is really not disputable. The area is full of single family homes with driveways, and condos with garages and the parking is at saturation from the Waterfront to the Railroad cut on Avenue I. Secondly, very few people take this but through the route. Only about 8k riders take the limited all along the route, and the majority of riders are in Canarsie. The reason for that is that Canarsie is suburban bedroom community with a single subway and is carved out to prevent through traffic on the majority of its streets. That puts extreme transit stress on the one real route in, though and out of the community, which is Flatlands Avenue. The majority of users that use the B82 use it for local traffic in and around Canarsie. On the other other hand, what the riders in Canarsie are proposing is a proposition that they would never accept on Avenue L, which would be turning the Kings Highway business district into a Bus Lane with exclusive an exclusive right of way on a very narrow street. It has been suggested here that Kings Highway provides necessary outer-ring route. That is not only wrong, but it is a matter of historical accident that the road exists at all. The road was only designed for local traffic from Ocean Avenue to Stillwell Avenue and never widened ehough to even handle its designation at a truck route. It has been suggested that the bus moves the most people in the district and should get priority. I'm sorry, but that is not only wrong, but it is laughable. Maybe the proponents who write this somehow over looked the Q and B train, the B100, the B31, B2, and the B7 buses. Less than 8% of all the people that come to the entire spam from Stillwell to Ocean Avenue arrive by any bus. The vast majority of the people who come and use that district is not surprisingly the local population that live nearby. According the MTAs own numbers, they make up over 80% of the surveyed population. They come by walking or driving. The trips made my walking and driving are also the highest valued forms of transit in that they involved complex door to door carting services and diversely routed transportation for the taxiing of individuals to appointments, schools, meetings and leisure activities along the route. Obviously, the bus can not provide this kind of service to families, not in Canarsie or in Midwood. The bus is only useful for the simplest types of trips, trips where one can go to an inconvenient designated pick up spot, arrive an an equally inconvenient drop of spot, and most often return the same route, and without carrying any substantial luggage or freight. Bus transit is therefor only useful for repeated trips to work or school, as long as one is adequately mobile and not loaded up with freight. It is useful for restaurants, bars, star bucks, and sometimes movies theaters. Bus transport is all but useless high valued transportation such as when transporting whole families, shopping for weekly groceries, clothing shopping, medical appointments for the elderly, sick or handicapped, or any trips that require multiple stops, and lots of packages. The rational thing to do here would be to decouple the B82 back to the B50 and divide the east west portions of the route. This would maximize the usage for Canarsie residents and increase the service for them, since they use the service more than 2:1 local over express service. If you do an SBS service it needs to go down Avenue P. That will give it quick and easy access to the Brighton Line a half a block from the Avenue P and East 16th Station, and direct access to the F train and the Avenue P station. It properly bypasses the N train, which is redundant service to the B, Q and F trains, and that station is designed only for local access anyway. The best explanation of the details of all this is at - specifically ~

According to Assemblyman Cymbrowitz, the SBS will be postponed from its July starting date.

The citywide war between David vs. Goliath on the issue of improving bus service rolls on.

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