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Health and Wellness

Brooklyn Heights — LICH has 11 patients left; SUNY faces probe by Brooklyn DA and State AG; “Funeral march” across Brooklyn Bridge planned today

— BRAVO and Kiwanis seek to lessen the pain for child trauma patients

— EXCLUSIVE: Backed-up Bay 8th Street bathroom mains were freely flowing

— Red Cross tips on water safety

— Proposed drug treatment center for East 21st Street faces neighborhood criticism

Brooklyn Heights — BREAKING: State Health Department approves SUNY closure plan for LICH

Brooklyn Heights — LICH advocates rally again today

— City Health Department and OEM issue a heat advisory

Brooklyn Heights — BREAKING: LICH reportedly shutting down this weekend

Brooklyn Heights — SUNY receives seven proposals to buy LICH

— East Flatbush takes precautions to limit accidents

Brooklyn Heights — LICH is just one battle in the war to save Brooklyn hospitals, say protestors