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Bedford-Stuyvesant — Crook takes off with nearly $10K in Bushwick jewelry heists

Bedford-Stuyvesant — The Bushwick Film Festival crew has big plans for 2016

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Two crooks nab purse from woman on a Bushwick street

Bedford-Stuyvesant — ‘LongYarn’ set to premiere at The Bushwick Starr this January

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Man wanted for Bushwick rape

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Brownsville man who struck transgender woman with plexiglass convicted of hate crime

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Cabbie robbed after making drop off in Bushwick

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Bed-Stuy man gets 25 to life for holding former girlfriend captive

Bedford-Stuyvesant — “The Colonial Nutcracker,” 20-year tradition, returns to Brooklyn

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Bandits get big bucks from Bushwick barber shop: NYPD

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Bushwick man arrested for department store shooting

Bedford-Stuyvesant — Two development sites sold in Bushwick for $2.6M