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Park Slope — Tractor Overturns under Gowanus near Park Slope

Bay Ridge — Extensive traffic delays on Verrazzano Bridge, Gowanus Expressway due to disabled vehicles

Bay Ridge — No Holiday Embargo for 86th Street Elevator Work

Sunset Park — Brooklyn Army Terminal Ferry Stop Temporarily Out of Service

— Colton Blasts MTA over N Train Station Repairs

Dyker Heights — Parking Problems Plague Dyker Heights Post Office

Bay Ridge — Riders Alliance hosts Mobile Phone Bank to Fix the Subways

Bay Ridge — Walk to School Day Marked in Bay Ridge

Coney Island — Coney Ahoy: Nabe Calls for Ferry Service

Bath Beach — Grassroots Group Targets Pols in Subway Campaign

Bay Ridge — E-Z Fix: Cuomo Signs Off on Bill to Correct the Spelling of Verraz(z)ano

Bath Beach — Bath Avenue Traffic Congestion Getting Worse, CB 11 Says