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Dyker Heights — Truck takeover of Dyker Heights spurs DOT action

Sunset Park — Seventh Ave. subway entrance reopens after fixup

Bath Beach — Commuter nightmares to be shared at town hall

Sunset Park — Want to buy MetroCard at 59th St. station? It’s cash only

Boroughwide — Pols debate proposed two-way tolling for Verrazzano

Bay Ridge — It’s time for a bike lane on the Verrazzano, southern Brooklynites say

Bay Ridge — DOT to open temporary bridge over Gowanus at 79th Street

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge pols ask city for shuttle service to 69th St. Pier

Bay Ridge — Driver beware! School speed camera law in effect

Bensonhurst — DOT to install guardrails along Belt Parkway to protect promenade

Bay Ridge — When is my bus coming? MTA removes schedules from stops

Greenpoint — Seven acres of parkland to open under new Kosciuszko Bridge in Greenpoint