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City Council

Bath Beach — Board 11 to bring in experts for traffic study at Ceasar’s Bay

Dyker Heights — Council votes to ban vendors from Dyker Lights show

— Brannan reveals the fine print of city budget

Boroughwide — Council considers taxpayer funds for armed guards at houses of worship

Sunset Park — Sunset Park pol not yet on board with new BQX plan

— City Council passes bill to help seniors and low-income homeowners manage their property tax

Bay Ridge — Brannan Secures Unprecedented Sanitation Funding for District 43, Increased Service Already on its Way

Boroughwide — City-State Deal Allows Speed Cameras to Operate Once Again; Brooklyn Parent Who Lost Son Praises Cuomo, de Blasio

Bay Ridge — $12 Million in Council Funding Slated for Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst

Boroughwide — BPL needs $228 million for upkeep, study finds

Boroughwide — Access to participatory budgeting now available via Link kiosks

Boroughwide — City Council unanimously passes Brooklyn pol’s anti-bullying bill