Vegas Diner Restaurant

Diner food has never been so good, fresh and wholesome, thanwhat it is at Vegas Diner Restaurant.

The restaurant has been at 1619 86th Street since 1982. Accordingto owner Alex Tombrakos, It seemed like a good location [to put aneatery]. People can comfortably drive or take the bus there; infact, the B1 stops right out front.

The Vegas offers a wide variety of tempting food and anyone, fromkids to grandparents, will find something great to eat whileenjoying a welcoming atmosphere.

Tombrakos and co-owner Ted Nick Vedmlais are very much hands-on.Tombrakos is a self-proclaimed burger guy, and one of hismissions is making sure that the burger his diner serves is the onehe would want to eat.

If you’re going to have a burger, have a burger, said Tombrakos,when we asked him how the veggie burgers were at his place.

But, burgers aren’t the only thing that Tombrakos and Vedmlais keepa close eye on

Run a good place, maintain good standards, said Tombrakos, as hedescribed how he started the diner in order to create a place whereanyone can come and eat.

After browsing the extensive menu, we decided to go light – atuna-salad stuffed tomato, unsweetened iced tea and a cup oflobster bisque to start, and a broiled lemon filet of sole, mashedpotatoes with peas and carrots, and coffee with Manhattan clamchowder to start.

Before the meal, we enjoyed a basket of sesame seed-studded bread,cinnamon bread and breadsticks. The coffee offered the sort ofcomfort any coffee drinker looks for in a cup – that often elusive,let me sip on this cup slowly to enjoy it longer feeling.Meanwhile, the slightly bitter tang of the unsweetened iced teaprovided a refreshing counterpoint to the sweetness of thebread.

The Manhattan clam chowder was delicious, heaped with clams andbeautiful to look at, too, red from the tomato used in the broth.Like the lobster bisque, which was a creamy concoction of pureedlobster with broth and cream, it was great paired with the cinnamonbread.

As for our entrees, the broiled fish was fresh and cooked toperfection. Although it was breaded, it was surprisingly light. Thejunior portion was big enough for two people. The mashedpotatoes, although simple, were light and smooth, and went wellwith the peas and carrots.

Similarly, the junior stuffed tomato had a huge scoop of tuna saladin its middle and arrived surrounded by heaping portions of coleslaw, lettuce, potato salad and kalamata olives. Everything wasfresh, not overladen with mayonnaise, and was just right for afilling, yet refreshing lunchtime meal.

Overall, a repast at the Vegas Diner is a comfort meal for thosewho want to enjoy a quiet Sunday with family or friends. You’ll bepleasantly surprised to find the food to be a step above what you’dexpect diner food to be. With a large menu to choose from, you’llbe sure to find something you can indulge in while in Vegas.

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