Broad selection, large portions: Secret of Bridgeview Diner’s allure

Fans of localbusiness and free food, get out your calendar: Bridgeview Dinerwill be celebrating its 30th anniversary with free wineand pastries for all customers over the weekend of June11th through 13th. Just stop by for lunch ordinner between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. and enjoy!

While you’re there,don’t forget to wish Bridgeview a happy birthday, care of owner GusPanteleakis, who co-founded the diner, at 9011 Third Avenue, in1981 and now works with son, Leo, and several managers.

Greece-bornPanteleakis – his family is from a small town outside of Sparta –still remembers the diner’s grand opening party with over 600people showing up. “It was the best I’ve ever seen,” he recalled,adding that he has “many good memories” of building a business andserving a community of “the best clientele in the country.”

As for how to keephis regulars coming back 24/7 while attracting new customers fromthe neighborhood’s growing population, Panteleakis says he and hisstaff work every day “to make sure the food and service is good andclean because the neighborhood and customers supported us for 30years.”

The food is asconstant as its owner: a menu chock full of primarily Americancuisine (burgers, steaks, fish, salads, wraps, pasta, all-daybreakfast) with a few Greek, Italian and, lately, someSpanish-inspired dishes. As at most diners, meals start with breadand a trio of salads: coleslaw and chickpea being two regulars. AtBridgeview, there is also a tasty beet and onion salad. There arealso great deals on luncheon specials from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. onweekdays, as well as dinner specials that come with soup, salad,dessert and tea/coffee.

The Greekspecialties brought the flavors of the Aegean to life. The Moussaka($11.45) was rich and luscious, with layers of eggplant, potato andground meat spiked with cinnamon and enhanced by a velvety topping.The Pastitsio ($9.95) featured baked macaroni and chopped meat witha similar sweet-savory flavor. The Spanokopita ($9.94) highlightedspinach and cheese filling encased in light and crispy filo pastry.A Combo Plate ($15.45) featured substantial portions of each.

All Greek dishescome with a Horiatiki Greek salad ($8.95 a la carte), which was theperfect starter – a dynamic mix of lettuce, black olives and chunksof tomato, cucumbers and green peppers, studded with feta cheeseand dusted with oregano.

Meanwhile, theItalian specialty of Eggplant Parmigiana with spaghetti and tomatosauce ($10.95) was a tasty, savory and comforting dish that workswell with the layer of cheese melted over and into it. The StuffedMushroom Florentine ($13.95) was easy on the eyes and tastebuds,with Portobello mushroom caps topped with spinach and feta cheese,a drizzle of melted cheese and lemon juice throughout. It wassavory, tangy and sweet simultaneously.

At Bridgeview, whatis really sweet, though, is the dessert selection of pies,puddings, cakes and mousses. The chocolate cream pie ($3.45) standstall, almost a meal in itself, an addictive combination of densechocolate pudding and whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauceand caramel. The creamy cheesecake ($4.45) is a giant slice ofsweet, cheesy and rather light cake. When covered in strawberriesand strawberry syrup, however ($5.25), it crosses over intotake-home-the-whole-cake land.

So when you go toBridgeview, expect familiar food with a modern twist.


9011 Third Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209


Free Delivery from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. ($15 minimum)

Open 24/7; Private parties of up to 100 people welcome

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