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Fifth Avenue BID Improves Community Business and Aesthetics

The Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue Business ImprovementDistrict (BID) is well-known for its annual spring festival, butthis not-for-profit corporation works year-round to make FifthAvenue as clean and community-friendly as possible.

The largest BID in Brooklyn, it stretches from BayRidge Avenue to 85th Street and is funded by assessments ofproperty owners located within its boundaries, according to JimClark, its president.

“Basically, [the BID] improves the appearance ofFifth Avenue and encourages shoppers,” Clark said.

The BID is responsible for sweeping streets andplacing benches, bicycle racks, garbage cans and flower pots onstreet corners. The Atlantic Maintenance Corporation cleanssidewalks and curbs within the BID, removes graffiti and shovelssnow. The Bay Ridge Security Service patrols the area of the BIDand reports any suspicious activity to the police.

The BID also hosts other community affairs, such asthe St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Norwegian Day Parade.Currently, the district is holding the Storefront Art Walk, whichgives artists the opportunity to showcase their work along FifthAvenue and runs until June 13.

Besides Clark, the other BID officers are PatrickCondren, the executive director, Basil Capetanakis, the vicepresident, and Gerard O’Mara, the treasurer.

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