Trash can removal pilot program approved for 18th Avenue

Bensonhurst residents who are tired of talking trash finally gottheir wish.

The Department of Sanitation (DOS) has approved a pilot programalong 18th Avenue, between Bay Ridge Parkway and 65th Street, toremove trash cans from street corners for one month.

The program kicked off on June 13, but by the time you read thisarticle, the trash cans may still be on the corners – or they maynot – since the actual removal of the receptacles won’t start untilMonday June 20.

As previously explained by Marnee Elias-Pavia, district managerof CB 11, the program will take a three-pronged approach:education, outreach and enforcement.

Matthew Lipani, a spokesperson for DOS, said the program startedwith local outreach in the area. We are reminding residents on howand when to properly place out their residential refuse andrecycling as well as reminding commercial establishments how toplace out their waste for proper collection by their privatecarter, he explained, noting that the agency does not collectcommercial waste.

We finally got action and this plan will go forward,Elias-Pavia said, adding that the program was a success on BathAvenue near the board’s office.

But Bensonhurst residents are not so sure that the program willwork.

That will not stop them, they are just going to throw it in thestreet, said Richard Marinello, a lifelong resident ofBensonhurst. There is going to be even more garbage now – youbetter believe it.

Mohamad Ibrahim, 19, who works at one of the stores on 18thAvenue, agreed. It’s going to be crazy with no cans, he said.They should not take them away. People are still going to throwtheir stuff in the street.

Diane Desimone, a neighborhood resident, also said there wouldbe more of a mess. Garbage is going to definitely be thrown in thestreet, regardless of if the cans are there are not, sheopined

Emma Lucido had a more optimistic outlook. If there is no canthere, they should not throw anything away, she said. It mighthelp – I am hopeful.

A similar pilot project is just coming to an end in Bay Ridge,where DOS officials removed cans from the intersection of Bay RidgeAvenue and Fourth Avenue, and other nearby corners.

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