Ridge nightlife and Dining: Coney Cancer Benefit

As summer draws to a close, Brooklynites are beginning torealize what little time is left before fall. Summer is fleetingand it is time to make the most of these glorious last weeks.

This weekend, droves flocked to the sea to take advantage of ourlast weeks of beach weather. While some went as far as the infamousJersey Shore to indulge in a little GTL, many of us chose to remaina little closer to home. We filled the sand at Riis Park, RockawayBeach and Brooklyn’s own Coney Island.

The nearby spot is alive with waterfront views and perfect forsun-filled August days and nights under the stars. We are lucky tolive within a few miles of the spectacular destination, withsweeping views and endless sand. There is so much to experience inour seaside playground. There is no shortage of amusement rides,colorful carnival dwellers, and of course, fatty fried delights tofill our newly tanned bellies.

Those that know and love Coney can also speak of theestablishments that keep the area alive with a unique brand ofBrooklyn flavor, none more down home than Coney’s Peggy O’Neill’s,located at MCU Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Since the opening of the ballpark, Peggy’s has been the spot tocelebrate game night. It is always jumping before the game begins,as Brooklynites arrive and meet up with family and friends.

After a game, hundreds file out of the stadium and walk stepsonto Peggy’s outdoor area, where they party until late night. Thereare several patio tables where diners can enjoy munchies or a coolbeverage under the stars.

In recent years, Peggy’s has become a destination for stadiumdwellers and Luna Park patrons, alike, offering delicious fare,sidewalk karaoke, and other unique events. This month, Peggy’s willend the summer season with a very special event for an incrediblyimportant cause.

On August 28, Peggy O’Neill’s in Coney Island will hold itsfirst annual Cancer Benefit Concert. Doors open at 2:00 p.m. at thestadium-adjacent bar and attendees will be treated to a show by sixamazing bands.

The show will be outdoors, rain or shine, and the price of aticket donation is $20. All proceeds will go to the American CancerSociety, an organization which funds and conducts crucial researchwhich helps us to understand, prevent, and fight the disease.

Come join the fight and see some amazing bands by the sea. Makethe most of August in Brooklyn!

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