Dyker Heights has a Girls Night Out

On the evening of October 13, over 350 women gathered at DykerBeach Golf Course for an evening of fun, music and shopping at theGirls’ Night Out event organized by Jovi Offitto.

It just started out with an idea, Offitto explained. I lovethrowing events so I wanted to do something in Brooklyn.

The idea blossomed into a plan after the event coordinatorattended Shecky’s Girls’ Night Out in Manhattan.

I said ‘it would be great if an event like that happened acouple times a year in Brooklyn, she said.

And now Offitto’s vision has been realized. The October 13 eventwas the fourth Girls’ Night Out, which she says has grown inattendance each time.

Tickets for the party were $30 in advance and $40 at the door.Once inside, guests could take advantage of 32 vendors selling anddemonstrating their wares, take in a musical performance by BobbyGrei or check out a fashion show put on by Salon Gio, Salon daNoiand Lush Salon. And Offitto says she’s just getting warmed up.

I’d always like to change it up a little, she said. Peoplelike to see different stores. They like the entertainment. I’d adda couple of different stores – something people can interactwith.

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