Farmacon celebrates 40 years of service

John Demetriades has been working at Farmacon Pharmacy on FifthAvenue for as long as he can recall.

I remember watching my mom type up prescription labels on thetypewriter one at a time, he recalled, noting that his parents,Penelope and Demetrios Demetriades opened the pharmacy in 1971.Now we use ePrescribe, where the doctor’s office sends us theprescription and we fill it. All this technology is useful but westill take pride in those personal relationships and our commitmentto our patients and customers for excellence.

Farmacon does regular prescription filling and also the art ofcompounding, which chain drug stores do not do. If a patient needsa specific dose that is not available, we have to calculate thevarious ingredients involved and create the does that isappropriate for you, your child or your pet, Demetriadesexplained.

He admitted that they fill a lot of prescriptions for pets – andflavor the medication, as well. We have a wide variety of flavorsfor just about any medication, he said, adding that allprescriptions are made while you wait. It’s hard for kids to drinktheir medicine with that awful taste.

Farmacon also conducts blood pressure screening daily. The staffis trained to take blood pressure properly so customers do not haveto use a machine. All those with abnormal readings are sent to aphysician immediately.

We have done this all day, every day, since day one,Demetriades said, noting that the pharmacy also offers free dailydelivery to Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Bensonhurst and DykerHeights.

Farmacon carries a number of specialty items. Since he worksclosely with neighborhood pediatricians and dermatologists,Demetriades knows of all the latest technology. We carry breathingdevices, humidifiers, vaporizers, neti pots, nasal aspirators,nebulizers and a pediatric line of specialty vitamins containingVitamin D and Omega 3s, he said.

Demetriades said he prides himself most in customer service. Wedo whatever is best to make sure every person who walks throughthat door leaves satisfied, he said. We try not to do what therest do and treat the business as one-model-fits-all. We try toindividualize our service for each person and their specificneeds.

But Demetriades said the best part of the job is seeingcustomers grow up. We treated customers and patients as childrenand now we are treating their children, he said. It’s a wonderfulthing when you see relationships like that.

Farmacon is located at 8007 Fifth Avenue; the phone numberis 718-238-1090.

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