Playing the job game with Beverly Slomka

Trying to choose your career in this fickle economy? Bath Beachresident Beverly Slomka has the answers.

Slomka, a former business executive who now works in healthcare, published her book Teens and the Job Game in late 2007.

I got the inspiration from work, Slomka explained. Being amanager, you can see that it’s not just education and your abilityon the job, but your whole person.

The first chapter of her book teaches teens how to useself-reflection.

In your high school years, you are really forming yourself,Slomka said. It’s about having confidence, good feelings and goodattitudes – that’s what gets you in the workplace.

Teens and the Job Game, which can be found on the shelves ofBarnes & Nobles and on Amazon, is the recipient of many awardsincluding the 2008 Best Young Adult Non-Fiction book for the yearby the National Best Book Awards.

Slomka explained that she wanted to keep the book practical andshort, aiming to provide a roadmap for how to choose a career.

Just think of what you like to do and don’t like to do and gofrom there, she said, adding that there is space in the back ofthe book for readers to write reflections on the chapters as theygo along.

Since it’s only 99 pages, you can read it in one sitting.

It’s a combination of psychology and practical information forteens, none that I had ever seen anywhere, Slomka said, notingthat there are sample resumes included, even for teens that havenever worked before. I did a lot of research to make sure what Iwas doing was truly unique.

Slomka also created a website at the same time of the book’srelease,

It talks about the book, but also has resources for teens,teachers and guidance counselors, she said, emphasizing theimportance of going door-to-door with resumes. You have to placecalls, look in the newspaper, cruise the Internet and network.Anytime I read anything about tuition, tuition plans or studentloans, I update the site.

Slomka said that in this economy, having a higher education isimportant. You have to at least get a bachelor’s degree, shesaid. If for some reason you don’t want to go to college, find agood vocational school. Think about what you really like doing,what makes you excited, and try and build a career on that.

In terms of landing that job, Slomka said persistence is vital.This is a tough market and there is no way around it. It can bevery discouraging, but keep on trying, she advised, noting thathaving a good, simple and clear resume that someone else has lookedover is key.

According to Slomka, top fields that are currently hiringinclude health care – in fields like physical therapy, nursepractioners and physical assistants; forensics; accounting;teaching and technology.

It’s not just education, not stability, but the whole person,Slomka said. It’s the whole presentation an employer sees.

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