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For over a decade, Strazzullo Law Firm has been serving not onlyBensonhurst, but the needs of people as far away as Naples.

Founded in 1999 by first generation Italian-American SalvatoreStrazzullo, this law firm has offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan,Staten Island, Beverly Hills and Naples, Italy. The firmspecializes in a variety of practices, including real estate,divorce law, living trusts, property division, child support andspousal support, elder law and Medicaid, personal injury, businesslaw and corporate formation, landlord-tenant issues, federal/statecriminal litigation and child custody and visitation.

We have a certain type of boutique style that caters to theneed and wants of our customers, Strazzullo said, adding that hespent his childhood living in both Brooklyn and Naples. We aremade to order and not off the rack. We are not running a mill.That’s just who I am.

Strazzullo is also involved in the community. Every year, hesponsors a Christmas tree lighting on 18th Avenue; he is a memberof the Ben Bay Kiwanis Club and serves on the board of directors atHeartshare.

I like to give back a little bit, he explained. I donate tothe Kiwanis Club so I can give back to kids here and in the rest ofthe world.

Strazzullo said his number one priority is his clients. I amavailable at all times for all my client’s needs and wants, hesaid. I have a staff of attorneys that can help people’s needs inevery type of situation.

Strazzullo’s Bensonhurst office is located at 7101 18th Avenue.The firm’s toll-free phone number is 800-476-9993. For moreinformation, visit

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