DINING OUT: Fushimi is sushi-sational

From flavors and freshness to ambiance and décor, Fushimi is notyour typical sushi and Japanese fusion restaurant. That is becausebetween all of these attributes, the extensive hot and cold menus,the affordable prices and the stellar service, it is farbetter.

First, let’s discuss the salmon. Anyone with even a passinginterest of sushi or sashimi would be doing themself a disserviceto not try the exquisite cuts of this fish offered at Fushimi. Thesalmon here was tender and juicy with a supremely satisfying butsubtle flavor. The pieces seem to melt in your mouth in adelectable fashion.

Seared escolar or white tuna is another highlight from thesushi bar. The precision of the quick heat gives the fish adelicious texture with just a hint of the smokiness from the grill.The yellowtail has a robust, meaty flavor that is a brilliantcontrast to the more subtle flavors offered in the sushi andsashimi platters.

It is worth noting that the platters at Fushimi are elaboratelydecorated, with green lights and large banana leaves that create animpressive presentation. And although the menu offers someinventive rolls utilizing tempura – battered, fried seafood orvegetables – such as the spicy-sweet crunch of tuna and salmon inthe Mummy roll and the shrimp-tastic American Dream ($15 each), thesucculent sashimi should be your first stop. If you’re game for rawseafood, with fish this high quality, why let rice get in theway?

Fushimi also has strong offerings beyond the sushi bar. And eventhough the exquisite level of fish freshness makes it a must forsushi fans, dinner dates without a taste for it will find plenty ofother options to delight.

For example, Executive Chef Chul Kee Ko’s experience in Frenchculinary techniques shine through in cooked dishes such as thePetit Filet Mignon ($13) – tender slices of steak cooked to orderthat came covered in truffle wasabi butter atop tender asparagusspears and accompanied by a pile of creamy mashed potatoes – whichturned meat-and-potatoes on its head.

The Rack of Lamb ($30) was so flavorful and tender that youmight actually start salivating while eating. The lamb is brushedwith Dijon mustard, breaded with parsley and basil, surrounded by abasil oil with port reduction and Japanese yakiniku sauce, servedalongside crispy fingerling potatoes, French beans and a tangy crabsalad with grape tomatoes. Divine doesn’t begin to describe thisdish.

There are other unusual-sounding yet delicious dishes includingthe Seafood Risotto ($28), Bouillabaisse ($9), Blue Crab Fajita($11) and the Tuna Pizza ($13), as well, but rest assured thatwhatever you order will go beyond your expectations. Just don’tforget to wash it all down with hot or cold sake, beer, wine or oneof seven flavors of sangria – pear, lychee, mango, peach,pomegranate, red and white.

There is also a $10 four-course lunch special when you eat in onweekdays, a $19.95 four-course seasonal dinner menu on weekdays andSaturdays, and a $15 weekend brunch menu that only costs anadditional $5 for unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys, Bellinis, coffeeor juice.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, Fushimi – which isturning four on November 20 – becomes the place to be for the feelof a Manhattan nightclub in your local Brooklyn backyard atBrooklyn prices.

Fushimi’s namesake is a town in Kyoto, Japan, but here in BayRidge – and in Staten Island and, soon, Williamsburg – the food isworld class.


9316 Fourth Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209


Lunch, dinner and weekend brunch menus available.

Monday to Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Thursday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to midnight

Saturdays from 1 p.m. to Midnight

Sundays from 1 to 11 p.m.

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