Bay Ridge Farm-acy delights

Area residents on their way to Farmacon Pharmacy on Fifth Avenuenear 80th Street may find themselves lost in a winterwonderland.

Farmacon’s front windows were done up in full Christmas regaliaagain this year, with lights, tinsel and ornaments forming anelaborate display. The decorations even included outdoor speakerspiping songs from special Christmas mixes created by Farmaconco-owner John Demetriades. He says the display is a big hit withhis customers.

They love it, Demetriades said. They love what it brings tothe neighborhood this time of year – the music going. It’s a nicefeel.

Demetriades’s father and Farmacon’s co-owner DemetriousDemetriades built the display with drugstore employee Maria Kareco.He says that this is the same display they had a decade ago due toa chance discovery.

We had this design 10 years ago, Demetrious recalled. We weredoing something else and I found the [decorations] in the basement,so we used them.

According to Demetriades, the display is a source of pride.

They’re the best windows on the avenue, he said. I don’tthink anyone else goes to that extent.

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