DINING OUT: Take our BB’Cue to dine at LoneStar

For over three years, hearty country barbecue has had a home inBay Ridge with the presence of LoneStar Bar & Grill, aTexas-style restaurant with a hearty, laid-back and sports-lovingvibe that comes complete with the trifecta-plus-one of greatdrinks, great food, welcoming ambience and fantastic service.

This combination is all thanks to the commitment and love putinto the restaurant by owners Tracy Blaise and Tony Gentile, whostarted the business in 2008 with the goal of creating the kind ofplace they would want – one with a warm atmosphere where residentsyoung and old could gather for an affordable meal amongst peoplewho come in strangers and leave friends.

Customers also leave happily full.

On the food front, start with the Mac-N-Cheese Bites and theJalapeno Poppers ($8 each), both lightly breaded. The bites arefilled with creamy-yet-crunchy mouthfuls of pasta and cheese; thepoppers with cheese only. Add an order of Buffalo Wings ($7 foreight) which were tender and succulent, savory, spicy and sticky -the quintessential bar food, enhanced by the cooling tartness ofthe accompanying blue cheese dressing.

A less sticky but no less tasty chicken starter is the ChickenFingers ($7 for six, $15 for 14, $21 for 20) – crispy mini-chickenfilets, the sort of straightforward fare that appeals to bothchildren and adults, though it’s the adults who will savor thesharp and flavorful mustard dipping sauce that accompaniedthem.

The main stars of the menu at LoneStar are the entrees and werecommend trying the Baby Back Ribs ($13 for a half rack, $20 for afull rack), which were melt-in-your-mouth tender, swaddled in asweet sauce that tantalized with hints of smokiness and the mostdelicate spiciness we have ever encountered. They were also huge -probably twice as long as ribs served elsewhere – a good thing,given their addictive flavor. Do not turn down extra napkins whenyou order these.

The BBQ Chicken ($10) was another delight, a symphony of sweet,smoky and savory, the rich sauce enrobing succulent breast or legpieces that just begged to be devoured; and the 14 ounce RibeyeSteak ($15) is a personal favorite of many, including co-ownerTony, and bar and kitchen manager Danny.

LoneStar’s basic burger ($8, $1 each for cheese and otherextras) is hearty and satisfying. Made with ground sirloin, the10-ounce beef patty was cooked exactly as ordered, and served in anoversized domed roll sprinkled with poppy seeds, with lettuce andtomato on the side. Curly fries were a mouthwatering accompaniment,ultra crispy and not at all greasy.

If you feel like lighter, healthier fare, LoneStar will beunveiling a new menu in February 2012 that will include wraps andsalads. Whatever you order, though, remember to wash it all downwith some of LoneStar’s collection of domestic beers and ales,which can be gotten on tap or by the bottle. Our personal favoriteis the Magners Cider, a mild and refreshing quaff served in a largeglass with LoneStar’s logo on it.

Everything welcomes at LoneStar, whether the honey-colored woodpaneling and benches or the large backyard (where you can come forgrilled BBQ on Sundays and host private parties while watching thegame on big screens affixed to the surrounding walls) and indoorfireplace, all surrounded by antique bottles, kettles, mirrors andother knickknacks gathered from friends, auctions and in Amishcountry.

In addition to showing sports on the big screens every day,there is Karaoke on Wednesdays (LoneStar features one of the onlyTouchTunes online karaoke machines in the city), Beer Pong all weeklong except on Fridays and Saturdays, and Football Nights in seasonon Sundays and Mondays. On Mondays through Thursdays, you can alsoget a free draft beer or soda with every dine-in entrée order.

LoneStar is also the go-to spot to host a successful fundraisingbenefit, as numerous benefits have been held in recent years forbreast cancer research, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Toys ForTots, as well as holiday food drives and local fundraisers forcommunity residents in need. The current ongoing fundraiser is tobuild a house for Ridgeite PFC Bryan Dilberian.


8703 Fifth Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209


Open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Free Delivery

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