Local entrepreneur adds notes of cheer to the neighborhood

With white lights festooned just about everywhere, creating anighttime dreamscape, the corner of 88th Street and Third Avenuelooks like holiday central.

At Cebu and House and Key, the lights are wrapped dramaticallyaround street trees. At The Home Reporter

All three are the handiwork of one local entrepreneur, MichaelGurl, who opened Holiday Guys, a seasonal business, two years ago.Gurl – who decorates storefronts and homes throughout the tri-statearea — is an unabashed admirer of all things holiday, and hasbeen, ever since he was a child.

When I was 12, he recalled, I started selling Christmastrees. A few years ago, I lost my stand so I started doing this. Inever had a house of my own, but I would always decorate my uncle’shome. That evolved, as I started doing his friends’ homes, and hereI am, three years later, doing something I enjoy very much.

The act of decorating is fun for Gurl; it’s also verysatisfying, he said, to see how much people enjoy his creations.It’s nice seeing people’s faces light up when the job is done andthey see our work, he remarked.

If you look, you can see Gurl’s work up and down the avenue, atBeebo, Gold Coast, Doral Interiors and Bake Ridge Bagels, forexample, as well as at the trio of businesses at 88th Street. Hehas also done holiday decorations for businesses on other avenuesand in Manhattan, and homes in Brooklyn and beyond.

But, for now, holiday decorations are pretty much absent at hisown home. I don’t put my tree up till Christmas Eve, Gurlconfessed, because I don’t have time.

For further information, or to contact Holiday Guys, call718-909-8367, send an email to holiday.guys@yahoo.com or log ontoholidayguys.com.

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