Walking past a window wonderland at Neugard Pharmacy

Since opening its doors in 1988, Neugard Pharmacy and Surgicalat the corner of Third Avenue and 74th Street has decorated its twofront display windows in celebration of every major holiday.

This Christmas season, the store has doubled down on thetradition, creating two elaborate displays which took pharmacyemployees a combined total of more than 20 hours to complete.

I just had a lot of fun putting the whole display together,said stock manager and Bay Ridge native Kareem Jacob, who added: Ijust really enjoy it.

Jacob’s window design features snowmen perched on fluffy cottonsnow drifts. He said he wanted to expand on a theme utilized inprevious years’ displays.

The design of a snowman is a tradition they always did at thestore, he said. I decided instead of just a snowman, I’d give ita whole winter theme.

Neugard cashier Julie Kligfeld, who designed the other windowalong with bookkeeper Rebecca Helfen, says she didn’t havepreconceived ideas about her design – a Christmas-themed displayfeaturing a plush Santa Claus sitting next to a chimney, flanked byseveral Christmas trees and candy canes.

I just do it as I go along, said Kligfeld, who has done theChristmas display for the past five years. It comes into my headas I’m doing it.

Owner Harry Helfenbaum is delighted with the way the windowsturned out. He likes that the displays offer seasonal greetings topassing pedestrians.

It gives the community a nice reflection of the holiday,Helfenbaum said. It gives you the holiday spirit.

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