Giants fans enjoy the salty taste of victory

It was in the fourth quarter of the Patriots-Ravens AFCChampionship Game on January 22, when they started filing into TheSalty Dog on Third Avenue near Bay Ridge Parkway, Giants fans,arriving in droves.

By the end of that game, the New England Patriots were on theirway to the Super Bowl and the entire establishment — including twopacked dining rooms — was glued to the television to see if theNew York Giants would be joining them.

I could really start to tell it was going to be a hyped crowd,said Bay Ridge resident Stephen Cappabianca, the bartender at TheSalty Dog that night. Even from the national anthem, people weregoing nuts for it.

Cappabianca’s prediction proved accurate, with the 200 patronsloudly cheering each play of the Giants-49ers NFC Championshipmatchup.

If you weren’t watching the game, or if I was serving a drink,you wouldn’t know if it was a three-yard completion or a 50-yardcompletion. The crowd was just as loud.

When the Giants won the game in overtime, the bar erupted incelebration.

Strangers were hugging each other, Cappabianca said. I musthave high fivedeveryone in the bar. It was crazy.

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