Lunar New Year celebrations on Eighth Avenue

Lion dancing in the streets to the sound ofbrass cymbals crashing and drums beating is a tradition of LunarNew Years, grand openings of Chinese-American-owned businesses, andother major celebrations where prosperity and good fortune iscalled for. So needless to say, the colorful lion costumes andmusical instruments were out in full force this past weekend alongEighth Avenue in Sunset Park.

Several Brooklyn-based lion dancegroups worked together, each taking on a few blocks to dance up anddown in front of businesses and curious passersby. The traditionaldances represent lions challenging one another and bestowingprosperity on all those around, including those who feed the“lions” cabbage heads, oranges and red envelopes of money.

According to the Chinese calendar,this is the year 4710, the Year of the Dragon. It is said to be ayear of change, as well as being a good year for business success,happiness and starting a family. People born in the Year of theDragon have birth years of 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952,1940, 1928 and 1916.

Celebrations began on Monday,January 23, and will continue through Monday, February 6 – the15th day of the new year.

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